Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fashion: Diesel Trouble

Via The Cut: Officials at the prestigious Brooklyn Law School rented the school's library to the fashion brand Diesel for an undisclosed fee, "expecting a tasteful photo shoot," because apparently they've never seen a single Diesel ad, and didn't bother to Google it. Shocking: True to its brand, Diesel's resulting ads aren't even Dolce & Gabanna–style suggestive, they're just quirky soft-core porn stills. In this case, the images are a whole bunch of campy, fairly cute library fantasies, featuring "students" wearing underwear reading "Tonight I am your teacher," and mounting each other on bookshelves. (See diagram.) One would think a place like Brooklyn Law might welcome this sexy attention, but no! Some uptight students now claim the ads are "gross" and "embarrassing," and the school might sue the brand. It's not yet determined whether the ads will even run outside the Diesel website, since Brooklyn Law claims they're a breach of contract.


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