Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion: Elle + Alexa Chung

From Elle UK Magazine: With one of the world’s most enviable wardrobes and a Mulberry bag named in her honor, Alexa Chung is an unrivaled British style icon. Since moving stateside, her style status – and designer wardrobe - has notched up a gear and has wowed us with some beautifully pulled-together looks. With a unique ability to stay ahead of the trends, she adds her own effortlessly chic twist to any outfit. Her thoughts on America: “In New York, everything is insanely work orientated. It’s been a lesson — you can’t come here and not work really, really hard. I haven’t tried to ‘break America’ but I have learnt that I’m ambitious. It’s just not focused. I want to be good at lots of things.”


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