Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion/Art: Cindy Sherman + Balenciaga

Shapeshifting artist Cindy Sherman has turned the camera on herself countless times since the 70s to expose the stereotyping of women in modern society, taking on roles from housewife to hussy, screen siren to simpering clown. Recently, Sherman slipped on a series of looks by Balenciaga, posing as various characters: the fashion victim; the aging doyenne; the delirious clubber. “It was inspired by the idea of party photos seen so often in magazines where people, desperate to show off their status and connections, excitedly pose to have their picture taken with larger-than-life-sized smiles and personalities,” explains Sherman of the series. Six images, from the extensive collection of PPR head Fran├žois Pinault, were shown for the first time in the US today for Fashion’s Night Out at the Balenciaga store in Chelsea, New York.


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