Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fashion: Eco-swimsuits

British designer Katharine Hamnett has just launched her eco-friendly swimwear "Save the Sea" collection exclusively for The capsule collection is made up of 14 exclusive pieces featuring the slogan “SAVE THE SEA”: one-piece swimsuits and bikinis for her as well as swimwear for him, beach towels and handmade, fabric tote bags. The style of the collection is inspired by the chic icons and divas of the ‘50s and ‘60s: the one-piece Marlene Dietrich swimsuit, the polka-dot Ursula Andress bikini, the Rita Hayworth short jumpsuit, the Ernest Hemingway shorts. Katharine became famous in the 1980s for having launched positive environmental messages, for taking action in combating climate change and problems of pollution. Wearing “out loud” the slogan “SAVE THE SEA” is a way to launch a clear message with regards to the seas and oceans, which are currently at risk thanks to over-fishing, pollution, and bad habits. “I called this collection SAVE THE SEA, as the sea we all love is dying. It’s important as consumers and people with the right to vote to be aware of the facts so we can do whatever is possible to save it.”


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