Saturday, January 3, 2009

Travel: Chile & Argentina

If you are as sick of the cold as I am, but are feeling a bit more adventurous than solely parking yourself at the beach, then it may be time to head south. Like, waaay south. I traveled to Chile a little while back and had a fantastic experience, as it seems many of you have too. More and more people are heading to destinations in South America like Chile, Argentina and Brazil, and if you have an opportunity, I would say go for it! With more flights than ever, the travel time is not all that bad, jet leg is almost nil considering the limited time difference and once you are there, your costs will be low. Departure cities Toronto & NYC have direct flights to both Buenos Aires & Santiago. Great weather, great culture, great wine, great parties and great people, you have it all.

Before you go, learn some interesting facts about the country you are visiting. Of course, there are countless websites and National tourism sites, but when I am in a hurry & I just want a factual breakdown, here are two standbys (and yes, that second one is really a CIA site)


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