Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Stylish Traveller: Summer Roadtrip in the Southern USA

Growing up in a family that was big on road trips, every summer I still get the itch to jump in a car and explore new cities and unchartered road. Living in NY and LA, having family in Colorado and the Pacific North West, I have a new found obsession with visiting the southern USA - unknown territory for me, beyond connecting flights. So this summer I will explore Austin, New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah. I look forward to new adventures, and am open to any tips you may have. (Also, the NY Times "36 hours in" is a great travel gem!). Fill in the interactive map to see how many places you have visited: www.amcharts.com/visited_states and for more of my travel photos, visit instagram @Carrieamitchell #thestylishtraveller


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