Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beverly Hills, baby

Having grown up with parents who are massive movie fans, I have watched more movies than I care to share here - many, many, many of them set in Los Angeles ("Chinatown" and "LA Confidential" still two of my faves). As soon as I was old enough to understand where and what Beverly Hills was, I had a natural curiousity which continued throughout my decade spent in NYC. Over the past year, my work here now, has lead me to discover Beverly Hills is far larger a community steeped in history & tradition than I initially thought, and I find it to be both 'Aspirational' and 'Accessible'. That said, I had to pinch myself after a work week that was quintessential BH: Events on Rodeo Drive, Speaking at City Hall,  luncheons hosted by plastic surgeons, black tie galas and private events at LACMA: BH certainly lives up to its reputation. But take the time to speak to some of its 30+ year residents and a very different story emerges. One of community and a lot of east coast ties. Some stories I hope to share on here soon, including the 87 year old retired producer who has a lot to say about his time in old Hollywood and the development of the neighborhood...those guys always have the great scoop!


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