Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rocket Man: Felix Baumgartner

If the photos of the Space Shuttle Endeavour meandering through the streets of Los Angeles, en route to the California Science Center, didn't grab your attention yesterday, there was no way you could have missed today's incredible space jump by Felix Baumgartner. The Austrian skydiver ascended up to the edge of space (120,000 feet - 23 miles) above ground, leapt from a capsule and freefell to earth with a parachute.

According to Mashable: "Red Bull Stratos space jump has already broken an Internet record. More than 7.1 million people are tuning in to watch the live video of the jump on YouTube, setting an Internet video record. With so much brand recognition, can we expect similar out-of-the-box thinking by other brands?


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