Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Part II

By this time you have heard anything & everything about today's spectacular Royal wedding. (And it WAS spectacular.) And so, I will leave you with the lessons I took away from today.
1. When in doubt about your dress, go for an updated version of a classic (Grace Kelly) and hire a designer with a serious cool factor (Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen)
2. Careful your Maid of Honor does not (almost) steal your beauty thunder (wow, Pippa!)
3. Why take a carriage when you can arrive in a Rolls Royce.
4. It should be a crime for David Beckham to look that dashing in a suit.
5. Ditto with men in uniform (Nice choice, Will & Harry)
6. No matter how ridiculous the hat, it will always be suitable at an English special event.
7. Don't stop at one kiss when you can have two.
8. Keep it classy to the end and drive your bride home in an Aston Martin.
9. Calm down. You can still marry Harry (And let's face it, everyone likes a bad boy)
10. And for those of you, like myself, who got up early this AM to watch & have a little party of your own, I was reminded that champagne is always a good idea for breakfast. Cheers!


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