Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lives of the Dangerously Self-Sufficient (LOTDSS): Book, Blog, etc.

Alright Ladies, this one is for you. The truth is you are brave. But indeed, you are also very funny. Often times I wish more of you knew this because it would relieve some of the tremendous pressure we put on ourselves as women taking self-sufficiency to the extreme. We are born multitaskers. We excel at it. But let's face it, it sometimes gets out of hand. The truth is, our lives are a little less "sex & The City", and a little more 'Liz Lemon' a-la-"30 Rock". The more I shared the stories of others, the more people relaxed and had a laugh too. So this year I have been putting them into a collection, and now launching a new blog whereby other women can submit a story, quotes, or other multimedia. So introducing the blog, twitter and soon to be book "Live of the Dangerously Self-Sufficient". For the girl who is aware of the absurdity of doing it all, but does it anyway and maintains a sense of humor about it. Here lies the art of self deprecation! Find comfort in it. Share a story.
Twitter: @LOTDSS


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