Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion: Lets Bring Back | Marlene Dietrich

The fourth ICON OF STYLE in the Huffpost's 'lets bring back series' is legendary actress Marlene Dietrich. The epitome of Old Hollywood glamour, Dietrich also exuded sex appeal - and yet never veered into crassness. Mystery and subtext were Dietrich's forms of currency; today's bare-all stars could take a lesson or two from her. When Marlene Dietrich died at age 90, the headline of her New York Times obituary decreed her a "Symbol of Glamour." "Dietrich artfully projected cool sophistication, self-mockery, and infinite experience," said the article. "Her sexuality was audacious, her wit was insolent and her manner was ageless. With a world-weary charm and a diaphanous gown showing off her celebrated legs, she was the quintessential cabaret entertainer of Weimar-era Germany."


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