Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fashion: Parisian Street Style

From Halfway through Fashion Week here, and what has been overwhelmingly apparent—from the grounds of the Tuileries to the steps of the Hotel de Crillon—is that the streets of Paris remain, as always, the most fruitful place in the world to just sit and watch the world go by—sartorially speaking. And the unpredictable weather has had no apparent negative effect; rather, it has encouraged people to experiment with jackets (the blazer, yes, but also the warm winter coat and the chic little fur, too), lengths (supershort intersects everywhere with the ultralong and colorful), and other accoutrements like the scarf (again, everywhere, and every which way) the shoe (the flat may be back in fashion, but there are still a lot of sky-high heels and boots to be seen trotting to-and-from the runways) and, of course, the umbrella. What’s more fashionable, after all, than a well-placed necessity?


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