Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fashion: Going Green

Earth Day was actually last week, so excuse our late post. A few designers sent Fashionista their tips on going green. “I don’t like plastic bags so I carry a canvas tote in my purse at all times. Also, get involved in your local community garden, it’s so easy and lots of fun” (Maria Cornejo), “The only coral I use is the color and I like to stay green all year by running errands and trekking my kids around the city on my rickshaw” (Lela Rose),“Just try and be more aware of your consumption. Little choices like using cloth napkins and dish towels, not providing plastic water bottles at the office, using less AC and riding your bike. I find all these things to be easy adjustments, and in the end they make a difference” (Sophie Buhai, Vena Cava).


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