Monday, March 29, 2010

Fashion/Beauty: Tom Ford

As women everywhere eagerly anticipate Tom Ford's new womenswear collection (to be unveiled in spring 2011), new developments are leaving us breathless. Firstly, it has been rumored that Ford has tapped two designers for the line, including Caroline Tixier, a ready-to-wear designer for the ladies at Givenchy, and Pablo Coppola who designs accessories at Alexander McQueen. And to tide us over in the meantime, Tom Ford is soon releasing his own set of lipsticks with Estée Lauder. The designer has created Private Blend Lip Color, a new color collection which will launch in Europe this April, and in the US June 1. According to Ford: “This is my take on 12 classic lip colors. I took the most universally flattering colors that a woman can wear, and then I reimagined them in a modern and authoritative way. These are signature lip colors for the makeup connoisseur.”


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