Sunday, April 19, 2009

Documentary: Valentino & Lagerfeld

First Karl Lagerfeld, now Valentino! Documentaries on these fantastically creative designers are necessary as both are entering the last phase in their spectacular careers, and their respective contributions to Fashion is simply immeasurable. They are both fascinating characters to watch, sometimes charming, sometimes bitchy but always entertaining. While Karl's film "Lagerfeld Confidential" was released in 2007, Valentino's work, "Valentino: The Last Emperor", has currently been released in selected cities in the U.S. So if you love fashion as much as I do, or are interested in the workings of two creative geniuses, try to check them out. (And kudos to the filmmakers, because this could not have been an easy job :)

"Valentino: The Last Emperor":

"Lagerfeld Confidential":,,


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